Op pan Gang-man style

Amb aquest video inauguru el blog desprès de les vacances.

Aquest es el video més vist en tot el món, hos convido a veure’l:


3 pensaments sobre “Op pan Gang-man style

  1. While Nirvana is and has been one of my favorite bands (I grew up in the 90’s after all) since I was a teenager, I think their influence took popular music in a direction that I can’t stand. Especially in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, rock music became a sad parody of itself despite its exciting innovations just a few years earlier. Far too many bands ripped off the grunge sound, in particular Nirvana’s style, and it’s reflected poorly on a truly great band. It is however, refreshing to see new trends and sounds in music within the last 10 years that have overcome the post-grunge lull.

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